Category: projects

  • Countdown Cubes

    Countdown Cubes

    I’m working on a project called Countdown Cubes, which is a cool little set of blocks you can use to make an advent calendar of any size, to celebrate any holiday or event you want!

  • Good Badgers

    Good Badgers

    Good Badgers is a reminder system I’m working on for folks with ADHD (such as myself, and my family). You give it things you don’t want to forget about, todos that aren’t necessarily needed for an exact, specific time (like if you want to remember to clean behind the fridge once a month sometime) and…

  • G1ish


    G1ish is a project of mine where I model and print random thinks from the original Transformers cartoon era, striving to be as cartoon accurate as possible. It’s a fun little hobby, and when I’m finished a project I put the files up for free. I’m currently working on a Matrix of leadership that opens…

  • Hilker


    Hilker is a writing app I built a couple years ago, focused around the exact way I like to plot things out and write them. It’s a web app. You can see it at