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  • America is Dead!

    America is Dead!

    Donald Trump has been found dead at his beloved Mar-a-Lago, and while meeting for a Conservative political conference nearby, a gaggle of right-wing grifters make a gentleman’s wager to see who among them can solve the former President’s murder first, before the Democrats and the Deep State suppress the truth of what happened. Can people…

  • Trumped Up

    Trumped Up

    The first Trump book I wrote. I was so young. You can get it here!

  • A Phone to Die For

    A Phone to Die For

    Back when I was doing Mosspuppet, I wrote this satirical noir book. It’s fun. It’s available here.

  • I’m Sorry: Apologies From God

    I’m Sorry: Apologies From God

    This is a book, written by God, apologizing for all the stuff he got wrong. You can get it here.

  • Shooting Wolves From a Helicopter

    Shooting Wolves From a Helicopter

    This is the first in my weird subgenre of “fake autobiographies that take the perspective of the main characters and exaggerate them to absurd levels in order to show how foolish their beliefs are. My first target was Sarah Palin. In this one, she learns as a child that The Great Alaskan Trout Spirit has…

  • Flash MX 2004 Demystified

    Flash MX 2004 Demystified

    I wrote this a million years ago. It’s for a piece of software nobody uses, and has been out of print for a long time. It was a fun experience to write it, though.