Chapter 1 – Prologue

Donald Trump has been found dead at his beloved Mar-a-Lago, and while meeting for a Conservative political conference nearby, a gaggle of right-wing grifters make a gentleman’s wager to see who among them can solve the former President’s murder first, before the Democrats and the Deep State suppress the truth of what happened. Can people like Elon Musk, Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones and the ghost of Mitch McConnell do it?

Probably not, but they’re going to try.

This is a chapter from my book in progress, America is Dead! – The Incredible Murder of Donald Trump. You can read other available chapters by clicking here, and you can subscribe to be notified when new chapters are released by clicking here.

A video version of this chapter can be seen here.

Folks, the air in Washington, DC reeks of sulphur tonight, as the evil, demonic forces targeting our democracy are celebrating their hideous victory. They’re roaming the nation’s capitol tonight with their tiny, pus-covered cocks in hand, spewing their poisonous, sulphuric jizz everywhere as they pleasure themselves over and over again, their relentless shrieks of pleasure assaulting the ears of every patriot unlucky enough to be within earshot. And that’s not a metaphor, by the way, THEY EJACULATE SULPHUR INTO THE MOUTHS OF THE SO-CALLED DEMOCRATIC ELECTED OFFICIALS IN ORDER TO CONTROL THEIR BRAINS!

And as excited as they are about their victory, I am even more sad, more heartbroken, more terrified about what comes next, because our entirely legitimate President Donald Trump, is dead. 

Did you know you can get an erection from being TOO TERRIFIED?

I didn’t either, until tonight. But let me stand and show you. 


I’m literally scared stiff, here, people. I can’t overstate how serious and apocalyptic this is.

Also, just for CLARITY, if my jeans weren’t so tight my erection would be much more obvious, and would look bigger.


President Trump was found in the main hall at Mar-A-Lago, his beautiful golf course and home, in the most embarrassing position you can possibly imagine: laying face down, half-naked on the floor in the exact centre of the room, for everyone to see. And now the media, they want to strip him of his remaining dignity, by plastering the pictures of his putrefying corpse everywhere, online, and on TV, and on billboards on the side of the road! Those jackals want to burn this image into your eyes, they want to beam it into YOUR BRAIN, WHILE YOU SLEEP, so you never forget what happens if you step out of line! It’s sickening! 



They take this picture of him, which you can see here, which leaves literally nothing to the imagination, with our beloved President — the great American, THE American, possibly the physical incarnation of the concept of America itself, gifted to us by GOD HIMSELF — lying face down on a rug, his pants around his ankles, streaks of blood and feces and who knows what else trailing behind him as far as the eye can see. 

Just take a minute right now to look at this picture, to see what the demonic forces from the centre of HELL want you to look at! Can you believe it? And can you imagine disrespecting someone like that, by posting a picture of their corpse on TV and on the internet and everywhere else, making you stare at it!



It sickens me, and it should sicken you! It’s unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE! Makes me want to throw up, folks. They don’t even blur out any part of the picture, either, you can just see it all! I mean, just look at this: look at the detail on his cheeks, they didn’t hide anything! You could count every cellulite bump, every pimple and scar if you wanted!

Unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE!

WE would never do this to them, even though they’re a horror show from our nightmares. WE would at least have the DECENCY to respect their dead. You know I certainly would, I have an established track record of being respectful to my enemies, no matter their filth. WE would at least blur out their devil horns, their hooves and their disgusting tails that look like limp, dirty phalluses, no matter how much we might want to show them, because we’re decent people. We’re the heroes of this story! 

All Donald Trump ever tried to do was help people, to bring in peace and prosperity, to usher in paradise for us all, and to burn the unbelievers in a cleansing fire — because they’re not real people, they’re not humans, okay? They’re not like you and me, they’re lizard men from the centre of the Earth at best, gollums from Satan’s burning nipples at worst! — and this is how the Deep State repays him? 

Would they have treated Gandhi like this? Would they have done this to Martin Luther King, or a musical icon like John Lennon? I think we all know the answer to that.



Now, sure, the lame-stream media is reporting that they don’t know what happened yet, and that a massive investigation is underway, with every corrupt Deep State organization descending upon Florida to determine the cause of death, but anyone who doesn’t realize this was a HIT by underground reptiles working with corrupt undead Democrats whose souls have been trapped inside remote control dildos is just a lizard sheep with their eyes closed. 

WAKE UP, LIZARD SHEEP. And prepare for war! 

War is COMING, and Trump’s killers, the political machine who stole the Presidency, will RUE THE DAY they had a standing President murdered. This is history, folks. Everything about this is BRAND NEW, we have no idea what’s going to happen next.

But don’t let yourself be murdered by a Democrat mob of any kind: use my latest nootropic supplement, Brain Force Omega, and you’ll always stay one step ahead of the Deep State operatives who want to hunt you down and skin you, and hang your MAGNIFICENT ERECT COCK up on their wall like a trophy! 

And you know what else, folks? I hate to say it, but maybe if Trump, as great as he was, had taken his Brain Force Omega — now with a triple dose of our proprietary nutritional blend “Forcium Blue” — he might still be alive. MAYBE WE COULD HAVE SAVED HIM. 

That’s a guilt I’m going to have to carry for the rest of my life, I think, but you shouldn’t be weighed down by guilt: buy your Brain Force Omega today. We’re having a 5% off sale if you buy 3 months’ worth for $199/month. It’s a great deal, folks. It’s a life-saving deal.

Next: Paul Joseph Watson is going to count the number of pimples on our beloved President Trump’s incredible ass so the woke mafia CAN’T. We’re going to stop them, folks: keep watching.

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